A week in Menorca: what to see and how to get the most out of your stay

If you are planning a getaway to the island and don’t know where to start, we propose a guide to Menorca in 7 days to get the best impression of this little piece of Mediterranean gem.

Minorca is the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago. But in its scarce 700 km2 of extension, it offers incredible natural landscapes, dream beaches, charming villages and many more wonders for the traveler who is willing to discover it. VIsiting Menorca as a couple can also be a very romantic plan.

In this article we propose a plan to visit Menorca in a week, combining beaches, walks, villages and much more! We will also give you some tips for those of you who need good plans to visit Minorca with children.

Qué ver en Menorca en 7 días

How to plan a week in Menorca: some considerations before your arrival

Getting to know Menorca in 7 days will be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. The important thing is to plan your week well. If you do some research on what you are most interested in before you arrive, you will be able to better organize your getaway.

If one of your main concerns is how much money to bring for a week in Menorca, bear in mind that the biggest cost will be accommodation. Once you’re covered, you can eat tapas for 15 euros and find great menus for around 25-30 euros in the best restaurants. However, if you fancy trying the famous caldereta de langosta (lobster stew), you’re going to have to dig deeper into your pocket.

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The best thing to do is to get a map and mark out what to do in a week in Minorca. Plan your own route comfortably from home or when you are already staying at your hotel or flat. If maps are still given out at receptions all over the world, it is for a reason.

Also, when planning your 7 days in Menorca, take into account whether you want to go out at night or not: if you want to go clubbing in Menorca, your days will start later in the morning, but you will have enjoyed the island’s nightlife, which is also worthwhile!

Arriving to Minorca: practical advice

If you can get to the island during the day, all the better. Seeing it from above will give you an idea of its small size. And it will surprise you even more when you discover it from the ground. Visiting Minorca in 7 days will not be enough when you start to discover its spectacular places.

When you arrive on the island, the first thing to do is to pick up your vehicle. Yes, Menorca may seem small, but you’re not going to get around on foot. Make sure you do a good search for car hire in Menorca to book at a good price. Most companies will deliver directly to the airport. For more information about the car hire companies you can find on the island, click on this link.

Next, of course, is getting to your accommodation: here you will find options for all tastes, flats for rent or hotels. A good idea for your week in Menorca is to stay in one of the two main towns, Mahón or Ciudadela if you want to have all the services at your disposal. You can also stay in one of the many urbanisations, if you prefer to be closer to the beach.

Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the arrival. Heat and humidity are the prevailing trend during the month of August. Make sure you are well hydrated if you are not used to it.

When it comes to going to the beach, it is also important to see where the wind blows from. The wind in Menorca is common, and it will determine the choice of which coast to visit at any given moment: if it blows from the north, choose coves in the south. And if it blows from the south, go for those in the north.

Here are some tips on where to eat in Minorca. And for those of you who want a good cultural recommendation, you also have a list of events in Menorca.

What to see in Menorca in a week? Our proposal

From our experience and that of the readers of our website, we recommend the following route around Menorca in 7 days:


Depending on the arrival time of your flight or boat, you will have more or less time to enjoy the first day. If you don’t have much time, it is advisable to get a feel for the place. If you are staying in a flat, you can do a little food shopping for the following days. On the other hand, if you stay in a hotel, they will explain everything you need, from how to get around to where to eat.

Your first day on the island will depend a lot on the town or city you are staying in. So here are some recommendations for the two main towns, Mahón and Ciudadela.

If your first day is in Mahón

If you don’t want to waste time and the first thing you want to do is set foot on the beach, Cala Mesquida is very close by. This spectacular beach is the territory of the Menorcans from the eastern part of the island, so you will hear many locals talking. Take it easy on the first day to acclimate yourself to the summer temperatures and humidity.

Mahón is the capital of Menorca and has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Go for a stroll and discover the restaurants and shops in the area, especially after mid-afternoon, when the heat drops a little. Sit down for a cool drink on one of the many terraces. A dinner in these wonderful surroundings is a great way to start the week.

➤ If your first day is in Ciutadella

In Ciutadella the port is much smaller, but very charming. Take a look at the boat trips that leave from there, they are well worth it. We don’t recommend it as an activity for the first day. But it will do you good to check prices, timetables and bookings. A boat trip along the coast of Ciudadela, either north or south, is a great experience.

Look here for the best boat trips!

Any of the restaurants in the harbor will be a good choice for fresh fish, whether you want to have lunch or dinner. In the evening, a walk to Faro Nati to watch the sunset is a must.

ciutadella - menorca en 7 días


It’s time to start discovering the island in all its splendor! So we recommend you to get up early and visit one of the most famous coves in Menorca: Cala Macarella. You can get there in two ways:

If you are still in the mood for a walk, you can find Macarella’s little sister, Cala Macarelleta, also considered one of the most beautiful coves in the south of the island, about 10 minutes away.

For lunch, you can eat in Cala Macarella itself, in the restaurant Susi. Or go back to Cala Galdana, where you will find many options to eat.


We go again to the Ciutadella area, but this time we will visit the northern beaches. You will soon realize how different they are from the coves in the south.

On the north coast you will see that there are many dream beaches that are definitely worth a visit. For this day we recommend you visit the area of Algaiarens, with its two magnificent beaches of La Vall (Cala de Algaiarens) and Playa Des Bot, which you can reach after a short walk.

It will not take you more than 10 minutes to get there. The walk is pleasant, it runs through a typical Mediterranean pine forest and there is even a pond along the way. If you go with your family, the little ones will enjoy this excursion where they will discover enchanting areas.

For lunch you can take a picnic or take your vehicle to, for example, the nearby Cala Morell. In the afternoon you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of this cove and take the opportunity to visit its impressive caves excavated more than 2,000 years ago.


You have now reached the halfway point of your week in Minorca, so we will move on to another area of the island. We will cross to the other end of the island, where the capital, Mahón, is located.

In the morning you can take the opportunity to go to the beach for a while. One highly recommended option is Es Grau beach. There, you can enjoy a quiet morning, surrounded by local people and have lunch in one of its many bars and restaurants. You can even take a stroll through the S’Albufera d’Es Grau Natural Park.

es grau - visitar menorca en una semana

In the afternoon it is essential to visit the city of Mahón, its old town and its incredible port will not leave you indifferent!

The day in Mahón is so pleasant that you can do it even if you are traveling with a baby. The access is easy and you can go with a pushchair to all the places we recommend.


We return to the southern part of the island, but this time to enjoy the fishing village of Binibeca. Although it is not an ‘original fishing village’, we consider it well worth a visit. You can also enjoy its beach, Cala Binibeca, with all kinds of services for the whole family. And if you like rocky beaches with crystal-clear water, you can go to Es Caló Blanc.

In the afternoon, if you want to enjoy an incredible sunset, go to the Cova d’en Xoroi, currently converted into a cocktail bar and discotheque (at night). From here, you will be able to contemplate one of the best sunsets in Menorca.

For dinner or just an ice cream, we recommend you visit the small port of Cales Fonts, located in the municipality of Es Castell, very close to Mahón. You won’t regret it!


We are coming to the end of our week in Minorca and there are still many things to discover. We return to the north of the island, this time to visit Cavallería beach. This beach is characterized by its reddish sand, as well as being one of the most beautiful on the island. It is also advisable to visit the lighthouse of the same name.

playa cavalleria - menorca en 7 días

For lunchtime and in the afternoon you can go to Fornells and discover one of the most beautiful coastal villages on the island. If your sixth day falls on a weekend, you can attend one of the patron saint festivities that take place in the villages of Menorca.

The most spectacular moment is the Jaleo, when the main square is filled with riders and horses jumping to the sound of music. Although they are harmless animals, it is a moment that involves a certain amount of danger due to the number of people that gather. We recommend great care and respect for the animals.


If your flight leaves in the afternoon/evening, you can still enjoy a quiet morning on the beach. A good option to end your week in Minorca is a dip in the Son Bou beach, located in the south of the island. It is the longest sandy beach in Menorca, with an extension of 2km. And its urbanization has all the services you need to enjoy your last day.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel like going to the beach, you can visit one of the many Talayotic monuments on the island. Near Mahón, for example, you will find the settlement of Trepucó, Talatí de Dalt or Torralba, where you can see the highest ‘taula’ on the island.

You have to pay an entrance fee for this last settlement, but it is well worth it because of its magnificent state of conservation and the activities offered by the site managers, who also organize guided tours.

Extra: what coves to see in 7 days in Menorca

We have given you some cultural options. But if you want to make the most of your week on the island to get a tan, here we propose a tour of Menorca’s coves in 7 days. You will see that we have already recommended some of them, but they are a must!

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  • Macarella: the excursion from Cala Galdana is worth it. And if not, you already know that you have to take the bus. You can go as a family, as long as the children are not too young.
  • La Vall: perfect to go with the family and spend the whole day. It does not have many services, but you have WC in the car park, which is a five-minute walk from the beach.
  • Son Bou: with all kinds of services and at the foot of the urbanization of the same name.
  • Cala Pilar: this is another cove where you have to be prepared, because the excursion takes about 45 minutes. It is in the north of the island. If you click on this link you will find all the details you need.
  • Cala Mitjana: A 15-minute walk will be enough to discover this great jewel of the south coast. It should not be missing on your list of things to do in Menorca in a week.
  • Pregonda: another hidden gem, this time in the north. The landscape of yellow sand and the islets that guard the cove are spectacular.
  • Cala Morell: a geological rarity that will delight those who like wild places.

Cova des Pardals - Qué ver en Menorca en 7 días

What to see in Menorca in 7 days with children

The plan we proposed above to get to know Menorca in 7 days is also perfect with children, but there are some differences…

For example, although it is true that Macarella is worth the walk, going there with small children in the middle of August can be ‘complicated’. For this reason, we recommend another cove, as great as Macarella, in the area of Ciudadela.

This is Son Saura del Sur, which you can reach by car. This is one of Menorca’s most popular unspoilt beaches for families with children.

And in the afternoon, why not take a stroll around Ciutadella? If you have visited Macarella by bus – or Son Saura – it will be the perfect opportunity to make the most of your afternoon. Strolling through the streets of the old quarter of what was once the island’s capital will take you back in time and the whole family will fall in love with it.

What’s more, your plan of what to do and what to visit in Minorca in a week with children should include a cultural visit. We recommend you to visit the stately home of Can Olivar, opposite the Cathedral. You have to pay an entrance fee, but you will really travel back in time, and visiting the Palace of Can Olivar or the Palace of Can Salort is surely a perfect plan to do in Minorca if it rains.

Finally, a stroll around the port will make you fall madly in love with this splendid city.

Conclusion: Visit Menorca in a week… every year!

Your week’s holiday on the island of Menorca has come to an end. It looked smaller from the air, didn’t it? But as you have seen, it has a lot to offer. There are so many activities to do and places to discover. But seven days are enough for what they are worth.

For your next visit, write down in your list of Menorca in 7 days all the boat trips, horse riding and prehistoric monuments that you must have left unseen (or that you must have seen in a glimpse).

Do you know what the only problem with Menorca is? That once you’ve been there, you’ll want to come back…