Ensaimadas: Menorcan tradition and flavour

Whether for breakfast, dessert or as an afternoon snack, good ensaimadas sell out fast!

Ensaimadas are one of the sweets par excellence that form part of Menorcan gastronomy. They represent a way of sharing a special moment at the centre of the table with family or friends. They can be filled with various flavours such as the classic quince jam, chocolate, apricot, toasted cream and nowadays even sobrasada (Majorcan sausage)!

Its history, with Arab and Jewish overtones, appears in legends from the 13th century and more officially in documents from the 18th century. As a reference in the pastries of the Balearic Islands, the recipe for the Menorcan ensaimada is still traditional, where the dough is wrapped around itself in the shape of a snail, with strict resting times for its correct fermentation of up to 18 hours!

If you want to know where to buy the best ensaimadas in Menorca, in its main towns and villages, as well as where to buy them online, we tell you below.

The best ensaimadas in Ciutadella

Ciutadella is an idyllic place in many aspects, both culturally and gastronomically. If you are planning a visit to the old capital of the island and you are looking for the best ensaimada in Ciutadella, don’t hesitate to buy it in one of these places, they will surprise you!

Díaz Bakery and Pastry Shop

Located in Ciutadella’s industrial estate, this family-run bakery is one of the most popular in Menorca. Visitors from the island and locals alike come here to get their ensaimadas at a good price. They serve only on the premises and are cash-only. They also serve sandwiches and have a small cafeteria.

Address: Carrer dels Comerciants i Botiguers, 25, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Pastisseria Herbera

Pastisseria Herbera has the finalist award for the best ensaimada from 2017 to 2020. Their prices start at 10 euros, offering great value for money. They also offer online sales, with three different sizes and a variety of classic or avant-garde fillings with home delivery.

Address: Carrer de Sant Antoni Mª. Claret, 76, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Website: https://www.pastisseriaherbera.com/

El Diamante

The traditional pastry shop located on the main avenue, now transformed into a cafeteria, as well as serving delicious ensaimadas, they offer coffee and sandwiches as well as their incredible cakes.

Address: Carrer Josep Maria Quadrado, 41, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Pastisseria Xoko

Xoko is a historic Menorcan pastry shop and artisan bakery, active since 1937. With two different points of sale, both in the centre of Ciutadella, it is famous for its filled ensaimadas.


  • Avinguda de la Constitucio 5, 07760, Ciutadella, Menorca Spain
  • Plaça des Born 3, 07760, Ciudadela, Menorca Spain

The best ensaimadas in Es Mercadal

In the centre of the island and at the foot of Monte Toro, the small village of Es Mercadal is the birthplace of great bakers and confectioners. In its main street you will find different establishments where you can buy typical Menorcan sweets and the best ensaimadas. The price of the ensaimadas always varies according to their size: small, medium and large, and also according to the type of filling. Choosing between them will be the biggest problem!

Can Pons

In the heart of Es Mercadal, this delicatessen pastry shop has a wide range of ensaimadas: from the most typical to the most innovative. With a long list of surprising flavours such as Kinder, raspberry with white chocolate or cottage cheese, you are sure to find the best ensaimada in Menorca to your taste. They also prepare gluten-free, wholemeal and vegan ensaimadas. Their offer does not stop here, as they also offer biscuits and sweet or savoury pastries. It is also one of the places where you can buy your ensaimada de Menorca online with international shipping service with delivery within 48 hours.

Address: Carrer del General Albertí, 6, 07740 Es Mercadal

Website: https://www.can-pons.com/es/

Cas Sucrer

It has been located on the corner of the main street of the village of Es Mercadal since 1884. Cas Sucrer is known all over the island for its ensaimadas and typical sweets, such as carquinyols and pastissets, always hand made and with high quality ingredients. A must stop.

Address: Plaça Constitució, 11, 07740 Es Mercadal

Website: https://www.cassucrermenorca.com/

Sa Sucreria

In Es Mercadal industrial estate, this bakery offers a complete line of handmade sweets and pastries hand made from ancestral recipes. Since 1873, five generations later, the legacy and origin of the best ensaimadas, pastissets, duquesitas and carquinyols has been preserved in the family. A complete catalogue can be found on their website, where the traditional unfilled ensaimada ranges from 7.50 € to 11.50 € depending on it size.

Address: P.I. Llinaritx – Parc. 30, 07740 Es Mercadal

Website: https://sasucreria.com/en/

Pedro Bakery

One of the oldest bakeries in Menorca, based in Ferreries, also has a shop/cafeteria in Es Mercadal where you can buy, among other products, their homemade ensaimadas.

Address: Carrer Nou, 13, 07740 Es Mercadal

The best ensaimadas in Mahón

If you are in the island’s capital, its cobbled, pedestrianised streets are perfect for strolling around and getting lost. And if you still have any doubts about what to buy in Minorca to take home as a souvenir, ensaimadas are undoubtedly a good product to enjoy and leave you with a good taste.

The alleyways lead to small shops and bakeries where you can find the best ensaimadas in Menorca with a price range from €8.50 for the small ones to €25 for the larger ones with filling. A real luxury!

Es Llonget Forn Artesà

In a small alleyway near the church of Santa Maria, this bakery makes ensaimadas in true Menorcan style. You can eat there in its nicely decorated premises, where they also serve all kinds of drinks and through the window you can see how they work and prepare the bread. You can order ensaimadas.

Address: Carrer del Rosari, 12, 07701 Maó

La Mejor Bakery

This bakery has been offering typical products such as flaons, crespells, pastissets or amargos since 1950 and is a good place to buy ensaimadas in Menorca. They also have a selection of cured meats and cheeses from the island.

Dirección: Plaça del Carme, 5 · In Sa Botiga

Página Web:https://panaderialamejor.es/

Sucreria Vallès

In the most distinguished street of Mahon, you will find this delightful pastry shop open since 1935. Its shop window makes hundreds of people stop every day in summer and winter to try one of their mini pastries or to order the fluffiest ensaimadas. They also have a shop in the village of Sant Lluís.

Address: Carrer de Hannover, 19, 07703 Maó

The best ensaimadas in Alaior

If you are looking for ensaimadas in Alaior, we recommend:

Pastelería Artesana Menorquina

On the side of the main square of the village, this bakery-cafeteria undoubtedly offers the best ensaimadas in Alaior, as well as excellent ice-creams, pastries and cakes at very good prices.

Address: Carrer de Baixamar, 42, 07730 Alaior

Ca Na Maru

Ca Na Maru has been a bakery-cafeteria since 1980 and has more than eight shops in various towns in Menorca. Its factory is located in the industrial estate of Alaior, where it produces all kinds of pastries, bread, cakes, sweets and even nougat, with a long list of up to 200 products. Not forgetting of course ensaimadas of all kinds and sizes. All handmade with more than 40 workers in the factory, it is undoubtedly one of the pillars of Menorcan pastry making.

Website: https://canamaru.com/

Where to buy Ensaimadas in Son Bou 

In the urbanisation of Son Bou, you can also find small ensaimadas in the small supermarket, if you wish to order there is a small bakery in the San Jaime complex.

San Jaime Bakery

This small bakery-cafeteria offers the best and most typical breakfasts of the area. It is common to have to wait at rush hour although you can also order in advance and get an authentic ensaimada without leaving the urbanisation.

Address: Passeig del Prat, 07730 San Jaime Mediterráneo

The best ensaimadas in Ferreries

In the interior of the island, the village of Ferreries, perhaps the most peaceful and untouristy village, is also the perfect place to find the perfect ensaimada. The Menorcan roots are passed down from generation to generation, offering technological innovation with traditional artisan techniques.

Pastisseria Artesana Lluís Febrer

In the village and on the island it is considered a ‘gluten-free’ paradise.

Without a doubt, the perfect place to buy a gluten-free ensaimada. Its wide range of gluten-free products attracts both locals and tourists. It also has the typical ensaimadas and pastries that are also exquisite with an incredible quality and with an unbeatable price range.

Address: Dean Febrer, 65, 07750 Ferreries

Los Claveles

On the main street near the square, this bakery-pastry shop offers the best ensaimadas in Ferreries, as well as sweet and savoury pastries.

Address: Av. Verge del Toro, 4, 07750 Ferreries

Where to buy ensaimadas in Sant Lluís 

Sa Sucreria Sant Lluís

This small shop is part of the Sucrería Vallés, located in the centre of Mahón. Here you can taste everything without having to go to the capital and you can place orders.

Address: Carrer de Sant Lluís, 07710 Sant Lluís

Forn Can Paco

Local, family-run bakery where you can get the best ensaimadas in the area. They must be ordered two days in advance.

Address: Av. de sa Pau, 117, 07710 Sant Lluís

Where to buy ensaimadas in Es Migjorn 

Ensaimadas in Santo Tomás 

In the Santo Tomás urbanisation, you can find ensaimadas in the small supermarket, but if you wish to order one, you must visit the village of Es Migjorn (which you must pass through) to get to Santo Tomás.

Forn de Pa i Bolleria M. Pons

Since 1960, this bakery in Es Migjorn has been offering delicious ensaimadas, cocas bamba, coques and sweet pastries. A must stop for all those in the Santo Tomás area.

Address: Carrer Sant Jaume, 11, 07749 Es Migjorn Gran

Special Ensaimadas

If you are looking for where to buy special gluten-free, vegan, wholemeal or special flavoured ensaimadas, here are the best bakeries:

  • Pastelería Artesana Lluís Febrer (Ferreries).
  • Sa Sucreria (Es Mercadal)
  • Can Pons (Es Mercadal)
  • Herbera (Ciutadella)

Buy ensaimadas at Menorca airport

If you are about to board on the plane, don’t worry, there is still time to try a good ensaimada! In the airport shop you can buy ensaimadas from Cas Sucrer. They are vacuum-packed so as not to lose quality, always with the icing sugar separated so that you can finish preparing them at home. So, if you are wondering whether you can take ensaimadas on the plane, we can assure you that you can do so with complete peace of mind.

The price of ensaimadas at Menorca airport is a little more expensive, starting at 14.95€.

Ensaimadas de Menorca in Barcelona

If you are in the Catalan capital, you can enjoy fresh ensaimadas from Menorca in Barcelona almost every day of the year.

If you are looking for where to buy ensaimadas from Menorca in Barcelona, Can Pons has four shops in Barcelona, as well as one in Vic, Tarragona and Salt. There are also shops in Madrid and Asturias.

Buy Ensaimadas Online

If what you want is an ensaimada in the comfort of your own home, the following bakeries offer an online service, with all the convenience and quality of national home delivery and some with international service.