Beaches and Coves in Menorca

Coves and Beaches in Menorca: What You Need to Know Before Arriving on the Island

You’ve decided that this is the year: you’re going on vacation to paradise. Specifically, to enjoy the best coves and beaches of Menorca, which is basically the same thing. Besides booking your destination well in advance, we recommend planning a route of the coves and beaches you want to visit, because there are quite a few.

It will also help to have the weather forecast handy to choose which charming coves to visit. Menorca is known as the Island of the Wind, and knowing which direction the wind is blowing from will be very useful for selecting which coves to visit, avoiding inconveniences like jellyfish or rough seas.

Of course, considering the large number of coves and beaches on the island, choosing which ones to see in just a few vacation days can be a difficult task: but don’t worry, we are here to help you!

How many coves are there in Menorca?

Counting all the coves in Menorca is complicated. Despite being an island that doesn’t exceed 50 kilometers from end to end, the diversity of its coastline makes the number of beaches and coves equally diverse.

Some will tell you there are over 100. Others will say fewer. And all of them are partly right. Menorca is a changing, wild island. The winter storms that batter it alter its morphology. Thus, some beaches appear and disappear depending on the season.

To give you an idea, the beaches and coves of Menorca are divided into three types: A beaches, which are urban and easily accessible; B beaches, which are virgin beaches accessible by car; and C beaches, completely wild and only accessible on foot.

Some of the B and C type coves also appear on the list of nudist beaches in Menorca. As for the A type, the urbanized ones, you can even enjoy them from your hotel window. This is the case with Cala Galdana in Ferrerías, and Santo Tomás in Es Migjorn Gran.

The Best Beaches in Menorca: North or South?

If something divides the islanders regarding their love for Menorca’s most beautiful coves, the dichotomy is clear: the northern beaches versus the southern beaches. First of all, you should know that a cardinal point won’t help you determine where the best coves in Menorca are. Whether one beach is more beautiful than another is entirely subjective and depends on the time you visit and your personal preferences.

That said, we can make some distinctions to help you decide which are the most impressive coves in Menorca.

The Southern Paradise

The southern coves of Menorca are characterized by their white, fine sand and completely turquoise waters. These coves are much more enclosed, flanked by cliffs filled with Mediterranean pine forests.

Discovering a southern beach in Menorca is like finding the X on a treasure map, given how hidden they are. Son Bou beach in Alaior is the exception. With over two kilometers in length, it is the largest sandy beach on the island and well worth a visit. Additionally, in the namesake urbanization, you’ll find some of the best hotels in Menorca.

The Wild North

As for the northern beaches, their appearance is much more exotic and peculiar. Many of these coves have a reddish or grayish color, in line with the area’s geology.

They are considerably more extensive than those in the south and are surrounded by gentle hills with low vegetation. The Tramontana, the predominant north wind in Menorca, is noticeable in this part of the island, forcing the vegetation to grow southwards and not exceed a certain height.

Beaches in Ciutadella de Menorca

Special mention goes to the beaches of Ciutadella de Menorca. The largest municipality on the island has some of the most famous coves and beaches. In the strict sense, names like Macarella, Son Saura, and Cala Turqueta have appeared in international publications worldwide.

Near these places, you can also find many beachfront hotels in Menorca, allowing you to enjoy wonderful views even during your moments of rest.

Now you have an idea of where to start exploring the most beautiful beaches and coves in Menorca. Let yourself go; the island will open up to you as soon as you arrive.

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