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Cala Turqueta (Menorca), Crystal Clear Waters

Cala Turqueta (or Cala’n Turqueta) is one of the must-see coves in Menorca if you visit the island. It is a pristine beach with such clear waters that take on an intensely turquoise hue, which is very relaxing.

As soon as you arrive at the cove, you will see for yourself. The color of its turquoise waters clearly lives up to the name of the cove.

The blue of its waters is accompanied by fine white sand and pine trees that almost reach the shore. This makes the beach a perfect place for peaceful swims and for families with children.

Wild Goats on the Beach

One of the things that may catch your attention on this beach is the visit from groups of goats. Yes, goats on the beach! These animals live near the beach and roam peacefully through the pine forests and cliffs. Sometimes, they even come to the shore and approach tourists looking for food.

Can you think of a more natural and authentic scene? If you visit this cove, you will connect 100% with the purest nature of Menorca.

How to Get to Cala Turqueta

You can reach Cala Turqueta by car or rental motorcycle and park in the designated parking lot.

It’s very important to plan your arrival time well if you’re going by car. The parking is free but not very large and fills up quickly during the summer months. It’s best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Finding parking around noon is almost impossible.

You can also access Cala Turqueta by boat, urban bus, or by walking along the Camí de Cavalls. Cala Turqueta is about 11 kilometers from Ciutadella, between the well-known beaches of Son Saura and Cala Macarella.


Getting There by Car

Getting to Cala Turqueta by car is simple and well-signposted. From Ciutadella, take the South Ring Road (RC-2) and follow the Camí de Sant Joan de Missa towards the different southern beaches, which are well indicated.

You will find the turnoff to Cala Turqueta by taking the south ring road heading towards Mahón. Follow the road signs to Cala Turqueta until you reach the free parking lot via an unpaved road. Pay close attention to the signs at the access roundabouts, as they indicate if there is space in the parking lot or if it is already full!

The parking lot is about 900 meters from the beach, so once you’ve parked, you’ll need to walk about 15 minutes along a sandy path to reach the beach.

Getting There by Bus

You can go to Cala Turqueta by public transport from any municipality in Menorca. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to take more than one bus.

  • From Ciutadella: If you decide to take the bus from Ciutadella to Cala Turqueta, you need to go to Plaza dels Pins, where many buses with different routes depart, and take line 68. This line is only active during the summer, so schedules can change throughout the year. You can check the bus schedules to Cala Turqueta here.
  • From Mahón: If you decide to go from Mahón, you need to take line 01 that goes to Ciutadella. This line stops in various municipalities (Alaior, Es Mercadal, Ferreries, and Ciutadella), so it will take about an hour to reach Ciutadella. Once there, you need to take line 68. If you want to speed up the journey, there is an express bus line, line 14, that travels from Mahón to Ciutadella without making any stops.

Getting There by Sea

Another option to get to Cala Turqueta, if you have your own boat, is by sea. Visiting this cove by boat is an unforgettable experience, with some of the most transparent and turquoise waters on the island. Menorca from the sea is completely different and, if possible, even more beautiful!

You also have the option to book a boat excursion or rent a boat. You can do this, for convenience, from Cala Galdana beach or the port of Ciutadella.

cala turqueta

Walking via the Camí de Cavalls

A good option if you like walking is to go to Cala Turqueta on foot along the Camí de Cavalls.

The closest beaches to Cala Turqueta are Cala Macarella and Son Saura. From both, following the Camí de Cavalls routes, you can reach Cala Turqueta.

  • From Cala Macarella: It takes about an hour, and you will also pass by the famous and “charming” Cala Macarelleta. If you decide to take this route, you should follow stage 13 of the Camí de Cavalls, which goes from Cala Galdana to Cala Turqueta.
  • From Son Saura: It takes a bit longer, about an hour and a half, and you will pass by the well-known Cala des Talaier. To take this route, you should follow stage 12 of the Camí de Cavalls, which goes from Punta de Artrutx to Cala Turqueta.

The Camí de Cavalls runs along the entire southern coast of the island, passing by the most famous and beautiful beaches like Son Bou, Santo Tomás, or Cala Escorxada. From all of these, following the Camí de Cavalls routes, you can reach the beautiful and pristine Cala Turqueta.

Activities and Services at Cala Turqueta

Although Cala Turqueta is a pristine beach with few services, it does have a lifeguard service (from June to September) and public restrooms, which are available during the summer months, specifically from May to October.

In the parking area, there is a kiosk open in the summer season, where you can buy basic products. But don’t expect any bars or beach restaurants where you can eat. It’s best to plan your visit well and bring all the provisions you need for the day.

The best thing about Cala Turqueta is that it has a large pine forest located just a few meters from the shore and a picnic area. This space with plenty of shade is ideal for eating or having a snack with the whole family and friends.

Sports Activities

Cala Turqueta is classified as a natural area of special interest (ANEI), making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities that do not harm its natural environment.

At Cala Turqueta, you can snorkel and enjoy its seabed and find fish typical of this habitat like esparralls (Diplodus annularis), vacas (Serranus scriba), and donzelles (Coris julis). But remember, fishing is totally prohibited.

Cala Turqueta does not have kayak or paddle surf rental services. If you want to reach it by kayak, you will first need to rent one in another coastal area. In almost all tourist areas of Menorca, you can rent kayaks.

The most popular areas are Fornells, Es Grau, and Cala Galdana, as you can drive to these locations and get into the kayak right there. To reach Cala Turqueta by kayak, the best option by proximity is to rent a kayak in Cala Galdana.

Nearby places

  • Ciutadella
  • Es Talaier
  • Cala Macarella
  • Son Saura del Sur
  • Cala Galdana
  • Camí de Cavalls (Stages 12 and 13)


  • Location: Ciutadella
  • Lenght: 110 m
  • Average width: 50 m
  • Occupancy rate: Medio
  • Urbanization level: Aislada
  • Public transport:
  • Sand:
  • Stones:
  • Rocks:
  • Blue Flag:
  • Showers:
  • Rescue service:
  • Toilets:
  • Beach bar/Bathing establishment:
  • Parking:
  • Water sports zone:
  • Nudist:
  • Wheelchair walkway:
  • Restaurants:
  • Swings:
  • Camping:
  • Scuba diving recommended:
  • Fishing permitted:
  • Walk:
  • Dock:
  • Pets allowed:

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Accommodations and Hotels near Cala Turqueta

If you are looking for a hotel near Cala Turqueta, you should look in the closest urban areas, as it is a pristine beach. There is a wide variety of complexes and apartment rentals in the coastal urban centers near Ciutadella. You can also rent a house or chalet with a tourist license near the city. All within a few minutes by car from Cala Turqueta!


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