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Cala en Brut (Menorca): A Natural Pool

Cala en Brut is a beach without sand and one of the most beautiful and special rocky coves on the island, with waters so clear and deep that swimming in them feels like floating in a natural pool. It is undoubtedly one of the coves in Menorca that you shouldn’t miss.

The combination of rocks and turquoise waters makes it a unique and very relaxing spot. If you decide to visit Cala en Brut at night, the landscape is spectacular. The platforms of this southern Menorca cove are illuminated, and you can see the light reflections on the sea.

Cala en Brut consists of rocks with various platforms where you can lie down, sunbathe, or jump into the sea. Besides being a perfect place for water jumps, it’s ideal for those who can’t stand beach sand. However, in mid-summer, it’s best to arrive early as it fills up quickly.

The cove is quite enclosed and narrow, so depending on the tide and the famous Menorcan wind, the cove can fill with jellyfish, dirt, and strong waves.

Cala’n Brut (Menorca)

The Paradise of Sea Jumps

One of the main fears when jumping into the sea from cliffs is the underwater rocks. Cala en Brut is perfect for this because, in addition to having flat, comfortable platforms that are easily accessible, the depth of the cove is ideal. In most places, the depth exceeds 4 or 5 meters. Despite this, it’s essential to check for danger before jumping and ensure no one is swimming nearby.

In Cala en Brut, sea jumps can be performed from different heights.

The Cave of Cala en Brut

For the more daring, there’s a jump known as La Cueva, with a height exceeding 10 meters.

To reach the cave, you need to walk to the bottom of the cliff on the left, facing the sea. The height of this jump is over 10 meters, and as a result, the fall into the sea can be painful if you don’t enter the water properly. So it’s best to perform this jump when you’re a bit more experienced.

In the meantime, you can practice from the various platforms and heights offered by the cove. Dive in!

cala en brut tuffi

Safety Fencing on the Platforms

Every year, a few accidents occur in Cala en Brut due to jumps from the platforms. Some are minor accidents, while others are more severe. To prevent this, wooden fences were installed on most platforms at the end of 2016 to control jumps from them.

Even so, it is still possible to jump from some spots but with more difficulty and more risk than before.

How to Get to Cala en Brut

Cala en Brut is very close to the center of Ciutadella. It is part of the Cala’n Blanes urbanization and is easily accessible and has easy parking. You can reach it by car, bicycle, walking, or public transport. Shall we go?

Cala’n Brut (Menorca)

By Car

You can reach Cala en Brut by car and park a few meters from the cove’s access, on the same street. Once parked, you only need to look for the sign and go down the stairs to reach the various platforms.

To get there by car, the best option is to take the road towards Cala’n Blanes or Els Delfins and follow the signs to Cala en Brut.

By Bicycle

From Ciutadella, it is very easy to reach Cala en Brut by bicycle and on foot. In fact, it is a highly recommended and beautiful walk. By bicycle, it takes about 20 minutes depending on the pace; on foot, it takes a bit longer.

If you decide to go by bicycle from Ciutadella, the best option is to take the old Sa Farola road, which has a two-way bike lane and beautiful sea views. Depending on the day’s visibility, you can also enjoy distant views of the neighboring island of Mallorca.

By Bus

To reach Cala en Brut by bus, you must take line 61 from Plaça dels Pins in Ciutadella.

This line stops in several urbanizations. To reach Cala en Brut, you must get off at one of the stops the bus makes within the Cala’n Blanes urbanization. The stops closest to the cove are Cala’n Blanes beach or Avenida Simón de Olivar. From there, you have to walk a few minutes to reach Cala en Brut.

Check the schedules well as they vary throughout the year, and always follow the signs to reach the cove.

Activities and Services

First of all, remember that although Cala en Brut is a different cove without sand, it is still a natural spot without services. Do not expect to find any beach bars, umbrellas, loungers, or rental companies for boats or kayaks.

It is an ideal place to swim for a while but not to spend the whole day. You will have to lie on your towel on the designated platforms and protect yourself well from the sun with sunscreen, carry refreshing drinks, and also a hat because… staking an umbrella in the rocks will be an impossible mission! It is not advisable to go with babies and/or small children.

Besides being the quintessential cove for sea jumps, it is also a paradise for snorkeling in Menorca and for swimming in the sea. The water does not cover anywhere! Additionally, numerous stairs carved into the rock throughout the cove make it easy to enter and exit the water at any time.

cala en brut

Where to Eat in Cala en Brut

There are no beach bars or restaurants in Cala en Brut. So, to eat, you must move a bit and go to one of the many restaurants in Cala’n Blanes. You can get to the restaurants by walking for about 10 minutes or driving and parking without much trouble.

One option is to go to Cala’n Blanes beach, where there is the Sa Cova bar-restaurant on the same sand, where you can eat and have drinks or cocktails by the sea.

Or head to the area known as Los Delfines, where most bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops are located. Once there, we suggest the following:

  • SaKundi Bar & Kitchen: Located in the Cala’n Forcat area, Cala’n Blanes – Los Delfines (Ciutadella) urbanization, it offers a very interesting travel cuisine. The charmingly decorated place is owned by an Italian couple passionate about cooking and traveling. They offer Thai and other countries’ dishes with an excellent quality-price ratio, using the best products from Menorca.
  • Cuore Pizzeria Brasería: A renovated place with a wide and varied international cuisine menu, pizzas, grilled meats, fish, and different rice dishes. It has a fully equipped children’s area with bouncy castles. It also offers a gastronomic menu where you can try lobster stew.
  • Es Replec: A Mediterranean cuisine reference in Ciutadella’s gastronomy with various dishes made from natural and local products. It has a pleasant terrace, and you can also watch the “showcooking” and see how meat specialties are cooked on the barbecue.
  • Grill Las Brasas: A typical tavern specializing in grilled meats and roasted dishes in a Castilian oven. Its decoration is rustic, but the service and the quality of its products are top-notch.

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  • Location: Ciutadella
  • Lenght: 4 m
  • Average width: 15 m
  • Occupancy rate: Medium
  • Urbanization level: Urban
  • Public transport:
  • Sand:
  • Stones:
  • Rocks:
  • Blue Flag:
  • Showers:
  • Rescue service:
  • Toilets:
  • Beach bar/Bathing establishment:
  • Parking:
  • Water sports zone:
  • Nudist:
  • Wheelchair walkway:
  • Restaurants:
  • Swings:
  • Camping:
  • Scuba diving recommended:
  • Fishing permitted:
  • Walk:
  • Dock:
  • Pets allowed:

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Where to Stay

Cala en Brut does not have any hotels located right at the cove, but you will find a wide range of apartment or chalet rentals with tourist licenses nearby. You can find houses for rent on the streets near the cove so that you only have to walk a few minutes and… dive into the water!

Another option is to stay in one of the hotels in Cala’n Blanes. The Cala’n Blanes urbanization hosts many hotels, most of them family-oriented, such as Sea Club Menorca, located on the seafront, Hotel Cala’n Blanes, or Hotel Almirante Farragut.

In Cala’n Blanes, you will also find a wide range of aparthotels and apartment complexes with pools, allowing you to enjoy more privacy.


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