Restaurants Serving Lobster Stew in Menorca

In any trip, besides discovering the important places recommended by all the guides and enjoying the landscapes and surroundings, it is also important to savor the traditional culture through the typical dishes of the place you visit.

Menorca is rich in culinary tradition and an ideal place for those restless travelers who are not content with just activating their sight, but want to explore the island with their senses of taste and smell as well.

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Among the dishes of traditional Menorcan cuisine, undoubtedly the most famous is the lobster stew, and for good reason: this “soup” made with the freshest and highest quality products from Menorca is a pleasure even for the most discerning palates.

However, enjoying this dish in some of the most famous restaurants in Menorca is not affordable for all budgets, as due to the quality of the raw materials, it tends to be quite expensive, ranging around €50-70 (at best) per person.

For those who do not want to miss out on tasting it and prefer to make it at home, here is an article with the traditional Lobster Stew recipe.

On the other hand, for those who want to treat themselves and try this typical experience, we have made a selection of the 4 best restaurants where you can taste the original Lobster Stew:

El Faro (Sant Lluis)

El Faro is a restaurant located in Cala Torret, a bay in Binibèquer (Sant Lluís).

Es Cranc (Fornells)

Fornells is the quintessential town to enjoy the most traditional Lobster Stew, and Es Cranc is among the most famous restaurants to taste this dish. This restaurant has its own nursery ensuring the freshness and quality of the lobsters used in their stews. The restaurant’s overall atmosphere is familiar and simple, and the stew is served in a clay bowl in which it is cooked, as tradition dictates. Eating the Lobster Stew in this restaurant is savoring Menorcan cuisine in the purest traditional style.

Sa Llagosta (Fornells)

This restaurant, also located in Fornells, as its name suggests, specializes in dishes with lobster as the star ingredient. Their dishes, prepared by chef David Coca, combine the traditional flavors of the island with more innovative ones, while the stew maintains the original recipe prepared by Menorcan cooks of all times. In the Metrópoli section of the newspaper El Mundo, there is an interesting article defining the Lobster Stew from Sa Llagosta as the best in Menorca.

Café Balear (Ciutadella)

We move to the beautiful Port of Ciutadella to visit this family restaurant. To ensure the freshness of their products, for over 20 years they have had their own boat with which they fish the fundamental ingredients for their dishes, therefore offering completely local products. They offer a stew menu that includes starters and perfectly combines the quality of their dishes with a more than affordable price.

In summary, our special recommendation is to reserve part of your budget and treat yourself by trying the famous Lobster Stew in one of Menorca’s typical restaurants; we are sure you will not regret it.