How to Choose the Best Restaurants in Menorca

Eating is a pleasure. But eating well is like lying on a Menorca beach with the sound of the sea and the sun caressing your skin. A true luxury! That’s why we are going to uncover the best restaurants in Menorca where you can savor local, authentic cuisine made with fresh ingredients.

The gastronomy of Menorca is rich in variety and quality. This has earned it the title of European Gastronomic Region for 2022. This title recognizes the excellent work of the chefs, but also the entire primary production sector, which provides the meat, vegetables, and fish – or lobster – to create exquisite dishes deeply rooted in local cuisine.

Top Restaurants in Menorca

We could make a list of the best restaurants in Menorca. And, surely, we wouldn’t all agree. Eating, like choosing a perfume, is a highly personal experience. However, based on our restaurant recommendations and the opinions of our readers and Menorcan residents, you can get an idea of where to eat well in Menorca.

The experience of tasting excellent dishes at some of the island’s good restaurants is not just about what you eat. The location of these restaurants is also important, such as having a sea view, and they should be welcoming places: beautiful restaurants that enhance the gastronomic experience. And the truth is, with the island’s landscape as a backdrop, there are few establishments that don’t meet this requirement.

But if you are looking for a recommendation on where to dine in Menorca, the best thing to do is to get a restaurant guide like the one we present in this section. And, although it always depends on whether you prefer meat or fish, the best restaurant in Menorca will be the one you cannot forget for a long time.

If we have to give a special mention to some restaurants, we would suggest you focus on the municipalities of Sant Lluís and Ciudadela. Some might look for where to eat lobster stew in Menorca, one of the typical dishes of Menorcan cuisine. Though it might be a bit hot if you order it in the middle of August’s high temperatures…

By the way, if you are staying in the western part and want to know where to eat in Ciutadella, the best places are found in the town center and the port.

In this section of our portal, we will reveal the trendy restaurants in Menorca based on our readers’ opinions and the Google ratings of the recommended restaurants.

Here’s a little secret to help you make the right choice: ask where the locals eat. They, better than anyone, know the island’s offerings. And besides, they have a good palate and will tell you that for fresh fish, you should go to Mahón, to Can Bernat des Grau. Or that for very good meat, you should drive to Ciutadella and try the chops at Grill Es Caliu.

But once again, making a list of recommended restaurants in Menorca could take several articles. So stay tuned, in this section of “Restaurants in Menorca” we will reveal them to you little by little!