Charming Restaurants in Menorca

On an island as enchanting as Menorca, finding restaurants with soul is effortless. These are places that blend seamlessly with the island’s landscapes—whether they are seaside, nestled in the rustic countryside, or located within traditional Menorcan homes in the island’s villages.

Yet, the charm of many of Menorca’s best restaurants also lies in their presentation of dishes, the quality of their ingredients, and the personality infused into their kitchens. Menorcan cuisine predominantly features seafood and local produce, offering a unique gastronomic experience that delights all palates.

As you’ll see, Menorca boasts a wide and varied selection of restaurants. However, if you seek truly authentic and hidden gems, it’s best to rely on the recommendations of those who live on the island year-round. With that in mind, here’s a curated selection of Menorca’s most charming restaurants for dining. Are you ready to discover them?

Charming Restaurants in Central Menorca

1. Restaurante Ca n’Olga (Es Mercadal)

An island and Mediterranean restaurant with a very intimate atmosphere, located in a typical Menorcan house in the heart of Es Mercadal’s old town.

It’s a perfect restaurant for dining with your partner or in a small group, featuring a beautiful interior patio with a subtle contrast of lights that exudes warmth and romance. You can enjoy your meal either in the lovely patio or inside the house. Pure Menorcan charm at its best.

Their dishes blend Menorcan cuisine with oriental and Mediterranean influences.


Ca n'Olga

2. Sa Nansa (Fornells)

While it’s true that Fornells is renowned for crafting the finest lobster stews, Sa Nansa’s gastronomic offerings should not be underestimated. This restaurant, situated at the end of Fornells’ seafront promenade, boasts sea views in Menorca. Here, you can indulge in meats, fish, tapas, and mixed dishes with generous portions of high quality. All of this in a cozy atmosphere with stunning views of Fornells Bay.

3. Es Cranc (Fornells)

If you’re seeking a charming restaurant to enjoy lobster stew in Menorca, Es Cranc is the place every islander would recommend.

Located in the delightful village of Fornells, with rustic decor and a cozy, familial atmosphere, it’s perfect for a peaceful and relaxed meal.

Its strong suit lies in its exceptionally high-quality cuisine.

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Charming Restaurants in Mahón

4. El Rais (Port of Mahón)

This restaurant captivates you from the moment you step inside. Accessible via a staircase from the Mahón port dock, upon entering, you’ll find yourself on a raised terrace beautifully adorned with a chill-out area and direct views of the sea. The terrace leads into a Mediterranean and industrial-style dining area.

El Rais is one of the most charming seafront restaurants in Menorca, renowned for its gastronomic offerings (specializing in rice dishes) and its prime location right on the picturesque Mahón port waterfront.

5. Es Molí de Foc (San Clemente)

An ancient 19th-century mill transformed into a restaurant with a very intimate and romantic garden in the heart of the small village of Sant Climent.

Es Molí de Foc exudes charm not only through its hidden history but also through its traditional decor adorned with original artworks on the walls. It boasts an excellent gastronomic menu of high quality, focusing mainly on rice dishes and local produce.

Charming Restaurants in Sant Lluis

6. Bambú Menorca (Binisafua)

If you’re looking to enjoy one of the best sea-view restaurants in Menorca, Bambú Menorca is the ideal choice, offering breathtaking views. It’s perfect for watching the island’s best sunsets, located on the Binisafua Seafront Promenade on the southern coast of Menorca.

Bambú Menorca charms with its meticulous decoration, following the style of typical Mediterranean coastal houses with whitewashed walls. This restaurant captures you from the moment you enter through its Zen garden, where you can relax.

Moreover, it boasts an incredible upper terrace where you can have a drink or dine while enjoying stunning sea views, as well as an independent restaurant on the ground floor with a private bar and sliding doors leading directly to a lawn terrace overlooking the sea.

Their menu features an international selection with fresh seasonal dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options.

7. Binifadet (Sant Lluís)

Can you think of a better plan than dining amidst vineyards? Binifadet restaurant certainly exudes charm and personality. These kinds of restaurants are hard to come by due to their privileged location. From your table, you’ll have views of their vineyards and experience the authentic flavor of rural Menorca.

Binifadet restaurant is open year-round. Starting from May, you can enjoy their pleasant porch-style terrace covered with vines for outdoor dining. What makes this restaurant special is its honest and local cuisine paired with fine wines produced on their 12-hectare estate.

Restaurants with charm in Ciutadella

8. Café Balear (Puerto de Ciutadella)

This restaurant is a landmark in Menorca with over 40 years of experience. It retains its original charm from its days as a modest harbor tavern, now charmingly refurbished in a rustic style.

One of its charms is its location, right on the waterfront of Ciutadella’s harbor.

With a family-friendly atmosphere and cheerful ambiance, Café Balear offers a wide variety of dishes made from freshly caught fish and seafood from their own boat.

9. Moriarty (Ciutadella)

This restaurant stands out for its location. It is situated at the entrance of a beautiful palace in the heart of Ciutadella’s historic center, making it ideal for grabbing a bite while strolling through the stately streets of the city.

Moriarty captivates, especially with its charming romantic interior courtyard.

Among its offerings, you’ll find a variety of tapas and other dishes that pair well with a good glass of wine while enjoying live music on select days of the week.

10. Restaurante Cova Sa Nacra (Santandria)

This restaurant, located on Santandria Beach in Ciutadella, exudes charm and personality for several reasons. Firstly, its location right on the waterfront. Additionally, it boasts a magnificent terrace perched on the rocks of the cove, while a part of the restaurant is nestled inside a small cave, lending it a unique and very special ambiance.

Moreover, it is renowned for its menu specializing in paellas, fideuas, and caldereta.

Sa Nacra is undoubtedly one of those charming restaurants in Menorca that you shouldn’t miss if you want to enjoy a delicious caldereta while soaking in unbeatable sea views.