The cuisine of Menorca

It is similar to some Spanish fare, but the food traditions add their own gastronomic flair

Dairy, seafood, fresh produce and fruit all take center stage – but there’s still room for meat lovers.

Mahón-Menorca Cheese

A local cheese made with whole cow’s milk, it’s specially flavored by the sea salt swept onto the countryside grass the cows eat. There are three ages, with the youngest being mild and creamier and the oldest having a hard and more pungent flavor.

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A sausage made from lean, thin cured pork, bacon and specialized seasonings it’s one of Menorca’s oldest and most traditional sausages. The recipe and process of making it dates back to Roman times.


A pork sausage seasoned with paprika (which gives it the reddish-orange color), you can spread it uncooked on hunks of fresh bread


A perfect soup for any vegetarians** that visit Menorca, this cold and tasty tomato soup is simple. It’s typically served in a bread-lined bowl and with figs on the side, so you can enjoy the mix of sweet and savory.

**There aren’t a lot of options, though you can find a lot of grilled or baked vegetable dishes.

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Caldereta de Langosta

Probably the most famous dish of our Menorcan cuisine, it’s a lobster stew (spiny blue lobster, native to Menorca) in a tomato sauce and served with bread. It used to be a fisherman’s staple, but now it’s a pricier (delicious) indulgence.

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Typical Meat Cuisine in Menorca

In Menorca, we love BBQ. You can easily find char-grilled beef steaks, grilled goat, lamb and pork. Another favorite is ‘rabbit in sauce.’ We usually serve chicken in savory or sweet sauces.

We hope this list helps you discover the mouth-watering cuisine of Menorca. We didn’t include any desserts – that deserves its own post! What’s your favorite food from Menorca?