The Best Sunset in Menorca

The sunset is often, for many, one of the best moments of the day. There is something magical and romantic about watching the sun slowly disappear. A perfect spectacle to end the day, especially if it’s a day spent exploring the fantastic island of Menorca.

Visiting Menorca, the most unspoiled, less touristy, and most peaceful of the Balearic Islands, is almost a must at least once in every traveler’s life. Although we are sure you will want to repeat the experience.

Like its coves and beaches, trails, unspoiled nature, and charming villages, the sunsets in Menorca are simply magical.

If you want to see the best sunset in Menorca, keep reading: we will tell you the best places to enjoy your magical moment on the island.

The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Menorca

Menorca has an oblique position in relation to the geographic west, which is why it is not possible to watch the sunset from just any place on the island.

But don’t worry: keep reading and we will show you the best and most photographed places in Menorca to watch the sunset. You will take home a wonderful memory for your eyes and your camera.

Monte Toro: The Most Mystical Sunset

Monte Toro, at 358 meters, is the highest point on the island and undoubtedly the most mystical place to watch the sunset in Menorca.

Being practically in the center of the island, on a clear day you can almost see the entire island. Additionally, it is very convenient as you can park your car in a large parking lot near the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Toro.

Son Bou Beach

The longest and among the most famous beaches in Menorca, Son Bou is located on the south coast of the island.

You can enjoy a fantastic sunset relaxing on the beach, having a drink at a beach bar, or going to one of its viewpoints. We especially recommend one in the Torre Soli Nou urbanization; to get there, follow the signs to the Aparthotel Jardin de Menorca, turn right, and go up a rather steep hill.

Fornells: The Most Elegant Sunset

In the north of the island, we find the elegant fishing village of Fornells, famous for its restaurants where you can eat the best lobster stew in Menorca.

From the center of the village, at the top of the defense tower located at the beginning of the port, you can watch one of the best sunsets in Menorca, and then take the opportunity to savor traditional cuisine.

Pont d’En Gil: A Natural Spectacle

A few minutes by car from Ciutadella, we find Pont d’En Gil, a rocky cliff with a hole that forms a kind of bridge.

It is a wild natural spot without services, which can be reached after a short walk. Here, both from the top of the cliff and from a boat, you can witness a beautiful sunset.

Menorca’s Lighthouses: The Best for Watching the Sunset

The lighthouses of Menorca have become a true symbol of the island. There is something about lighthouses that fascinates us and makes us dream.

Menorca has 7 lighthouses, but from 3 of them, you can enjoy some of the best sunsets on the island.

Sunset at Punta Nati

Very close to Ciutadella and Pont d’En Gil, we find the Punta Nati Lighthouse, inaugurated in 1913.

The surrounding environment is arid, rocky, and reminiscent of a lunar landscape. A perfect place to watch the sunset in Menorca.

Another lunar-like landscape can be seen when watching the sunset from the Favàritx Lighthouse: an emblematic place for the island.

Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse: A Photogenic Sunset

About 10 km south of Ciutadella, we find the blue and white striped Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse.

From here, on clear days, you can even see the coast of Mallorca and enjoy a photogenic sunset. However, during the summer months, it tends to be a very crowded place, especially for watching the sunset, so we recommend going early.

Cap de Cavalleria

Cap de Cavalleria is located in the north of Menorca, about 6 km from Fornells. Its red sand beach is one of the best beaches in northern Menorca.

The Cavalleria Lighthouse, built in 1857 and still active today, has a museum that explains its interesting history.

Spending the day at Cavalleria beach, visiting its lighthouse, and watching the sunset from there is a perfect plan for a day in Menorca.


Bars and Beach Bars to Watch the Sunset in Menorca

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset without giving up the comfort of a chair and a good drink? Keep reading, because we are going to recommend some places where you can do just that.

Cova d’En Xoroi: The Most Famous Sunset in Menorca

If you’ve told your friends or family that you’re going to spend your next vacation in Menorca, they’ve probably recommended watching the sunset from Cova d’En Xoroi.

Cova d’En Xoroi is a venue located inside a cliffside cave overlooking the sea, which turns into a nightclub at night. From here, you can witness the most famous sunset in Menorca, and it will leave you speechless.

To enter, you need to buy a ticket that includes a drink, with the price varying depending on the time slot you choose. However, as with all famous places, it’s best to go early to get a spot, as it tends to be very crowded.

Sa Posta de Sol

Is there a more romantic plan than watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail and listening to chill-out music? If you think like us and don’t want to miss it, you can do all this at Sa Posta de Sol, a beautiful venue located in the Los Delfines Urbanization, just a few minutes’ drive from Ciutadella.

Isabella Beach Club

As we mentioned above, Fornells is one of the ideal places to watch the sunset in Menorca and then enjoy dinner at one of its famous restaurants.

The Isabella Beach Club is a trendy, Ibiza-style venue located in the Cala Tirant area, a few kilometers from the village of Fornells. From here, cocktail in hand, you can enjoy a beautiful Menorcan sunset.

Hola Ola

Hola Ola, with its “hippie” aesthetic, is one of the trendiest beach bars in all of Menorca and an ideal place to watch the sunset in Cala Blanca.

Bambú Menorca

Last but not least, let us tell you about Bambú Menorca. Located in Binibeca, one of the island’s most famous villages, from this venue you can enjoy an incredible sunset accompanied by delicious “Asian-inspired, Mediterranean-influenced” cuisine.

From the Sea: Enjoy the Sunset by Boat or Sailboat

If, in addition to enjoying a classic sunset from the Menorcan coast, you want to see the spectacle from the sea, we suggest two options:

  1. On Your Own: Renting a boat or a sailboat will allow you to sail during the day, stop at the most remote and secluded coves of Menorca, and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from the sea.
  2. Booking an Excursion: Some companies, at the request of clients, organize excursions to admire the sunset from the sea.

What Time is Sunset in Menorca?

In Menorca, thanks to its geographical position, you can witness the first sunset in Spain.

You already know that the time of sunset varies depending on the season and the day, but approximately you can admire it at the following times:

Winter: You can enjoy the sunset at 17:20 on the first day of winter, and at 18:55 just before the spring equinox.

Spring: In spring, the sunset time changes drastically due to daylight saving time. You can see it at 18:56 on the first day of spring, and at 21:16 the day before the summer solstice.

Summer: In summer, you can enjoy the most daylight hours, so to see the sunset you will have to wait until 21:17 on the first day of summer and until 19:46 on the last.

Autumn: With the autumn equinox, you will once again enjoy the sunset much earlier than in spring and summer, especially considering the time change: you will see it at 19:44 on the first day of autumn and at 17:22 on the last.

Now that you know where and when to enjoy this incredible and magical natural spectacle, all that’s left is to explore Menorca and experience one of the best sunsets of your life.