Renting a Car in Menorca: 5 Reasons for Choosing Auto Xoroi

Rent a Car in Menorca, without Any Extra Surprises

One of the things that we always recommend to those who come to Minorca on vacation is: rent a car and not a scooter. We have nothing against scooters, really We do have various reasons that we’ve explained in the past  about why we think a car is a better option.

Now your dilemma is: which car hire service do you choose to avoid any surprises on your Minorque holiday?

We’ve recommended Auto Xoroi for the past few years to and we’ve got 5 great reasons why:

1.) Delivery to the Airport upon Arrival and Departure

Once you’ve booked on their site, Auto Xoroi will ask you the dates and time of the arrival of your flight. This is so one of their representatives can wait for you at the exit of the baggage claim area. He’ll take you to the car park, which is right in front of the airport. It’s only about twenty meters from where he waits for you.

Many Rent-a-Car services have a sign-in desk inside the airport or in the slightly-defaced parking lot. The problem that often occurs if you book with these car rental services is that (especially in high season), you have to queue as soon as you arrive. You might waste some time waiting. It’s nothing serious, mind you, but with Auto Xoroi you can be confident this won’t be a problem.

He’ll ask you for the necessary data to complete the contract and give you the keys of the car you’ve booked. At that point, you’re ready to go – to discover Menorca!

2.) A Hassle-Free Departure

On the day of your departure, you simply leave the car in the same parking lot where you picked it up, placing the keys on the dash. This helps you avoid standing in line at the counter as soon as you arrive or when you leave.

3.) No Credit Card Is Necessary

Auto Xoroi is one of the few rental agencies (there are also others on the island) that rent even without having to use your credit card. That means you won’t have to set aside large amounts as a guarantee against any damage. However, that also means it’s necessary to have insurance that covers all possible damages. Don’t worry, though, because the cost isn’t expensive and it’s definitely worth having. It lets you have a peaceful holiday without the anxiety of any accidents, due to you or third parties, while you’re exploring Menorca.

4.) Prices without ‘Additional Cost’ Surprises

We won’t name names for obvious reasons, but unfortunately some rental companies in Menorca use little “tricks” to round prices up. There are also, it should be said, very serious companies such as Europcar, Hyper, Hertz, Avis and others. Be aware that there are also a lot of “bandits” with few scruples, though.

Some of the most cunning things that are used by some Rent-a-Car services are:

a) Finding scratches or minor damage that you hadn’t noticed on arrival and repay you by telling you that you made them.

b) Applying a disproportionate surcharge if, for example, your flight has been moved and instead of delivering the car back at noon it’s 2 p.m.

c) Delivering the car with the tank full (charging for it, including the reserve tank) and telling you to return the car without petrol (which is practically impossible).

e) Sending the quote for your rental without VAT included, and then charging you once you arrive.

d) Charging you for unsolicited services, like additional insurance, and claiming that it was either mandatory or it was included in your contract.

5.) A Car Rental Company You Can Trust

Auto Xoroi is a company owned by two young professionals. They’ve invested in their fleet and on delivering the highest quality of rental service. You’ll be confident of great service and support if you choose them. We highly recommend them when you’re renting a car in Menorca for your holiday.

You can get your online car rental quote today: AUTO XOROI MENORCA