Quiet Spots in Menorca for Remote Working

Spain, has been a popular destination for leisure and tourism ever since the 1960s, and this is still the case. It has some of the most beautiful islands and is increasingly becoming the go-to location for relaxation and leisure. For this reason, the busy atmosphere and high influx of tourists in Spain are mostly unavoidable, except for Minorca. This gem, the most laid-back of Spain’s Balearic Islands, could be the perfect location to visit on holiday or move to. It is less crowded and has a tranquil atmosphere suitable for remote workers. We’ve searched and curated five quiet spots for you to check out in Menorca as a digital nomad.

Cala Morell 

Cala Morell is a quiet area with outstanding beauty for visitors and tourists. It is located about 7km outside Cuitadella and has beaches bordered with crystal clear waters suitable for several exciting activities. Visitors enjoy activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. The houses surrounding Cala Morell are white, which brings out the natural beauty of the blue waters and extensive pine forests.

The area’s tranquility is one characteristic that makes it suitable for nomads or travelers needing a quiet place to work remotely. Cala Morell also has a few cafes where you can take a stroll, get a good meal, and work without disturbance. The café in the Apartamentos Sa Cala is an excellent place to check out. The terrace has a pleasant view and free Wi-Fi.

Baristiu Cafe is another refreshing option, with clear water, refreshments, and a good internet connection. This spot is a great option to try if you are involved in technical work such as CFD trading or stocks since there is a great internet connection, and you can stay here for as long as you want, provided you purchase some refreshments while you’re there.


Fornells, Menorca is a small town with few tourist activities and roughly one thousand people living there. It is located on the north coast of the Island, and the water stretches about three miles long. If you go snorkeling, you will find some exotic fishes, sea turtles, sharks, and other beauties of the underwater world. You can try water sports activities between work, including kayaking, windsurfing, catamaran excursions, and boat trips.

Fornells isn’t one of the more famous tour locations in Minorque; therefore, it is quiet and makes for a great workplace. You can work conveniently at Cafe Del Nord, Corner Cafe Bar, Cafe Bistro Sol 32, and Good Bridge Cafe. Visitors describe the food from Cafe Bistro Sol 32 as artistry, impeccable, and cooking done from the heart, and the other listed cafes also have excellent customer reviews. These restaurants have a serene environment and fast internet connection for work.

Port d’Addaia

Port d’Addaia is a laid-back resort with a little over 350 inhabitants. It is another location on the list of reserved spots to work on a trip. The town is about 20 minutes from the capital, making it a great choice if you need somewhere you can easily commute. It is a picturesque location with beautifully aligned white villas and yachts. From Addaia, you can take a kayak excursion to Mongofre, which has the most extensive dunes in Menorca. You also get to see more natural wildlife here like flamingos, egrets, and herons.

There is a diving school where they teach you to dive if you’re a beginner. You can easily rent some in the port if you need diving equipment. Port d’Addaia has La Cantina, a restaurant and bar where you can work, eat some fresh fish, and enjoy the beautiful views of the port. The place also has a good internet connection, which makes it convenient for anyone working remotely.

Cap D’Artrutx

Cap D’Artrutx is close to Ciutadella but needs to be more populated. It puts you within easy reach of Ciutadella, a popular tourist location. You can easily take a bus to the city if you need more buzz. Cap D’Artrutx is remote, calm, and serene, with fewer people around. Artrutx Sea Club is a peaceful restaurant in Cap D’Artrutx with great food, excellent service, value, and an inviting atmosphere. The bar features free wifi, wine and beer, street parking, and outdoor seating for customers. Artrutx Sea Club is located in Faro de Artrutx, Passeig Maritimo, Cap D’Artrutx. El Rincon de Irma is another popular cafe in Cap D’Artrutx with great seafood, top-tier services, and a great internet connection.

Cala Alcaufar

Cala Alcaufar is that place to visit if you need a quiet, relaxing time by yourself or with your loved ones and a private space to get your work done. It could be uneventful for people looking for buzz and many activities, but perfect for those needing relaxation. It has a lovely peaceful beach and a restaurant with an open space where you can also work.

Cala Alcaufar is beautiful in its simplicity, with crystal-clear waters visitors find perfect for snorkeling. It is the ideal place to escape from the busy tourism life that Spain is generally known for. Although Xuroy is the only restaurant in Cala Alcaufar, it makes up for it through its excellent service and features. It has outdoor seats, a full bar, good food, and a great internet connection.

Stay Productive While Having Fun

Now that you have the best locations curated for you, with the perfect cafes for your remote work, you’re one step closer to planning your dream trip. Menorca remains one of the most beautiful cities with the best views in Spain, and we’re sure you’re bound to have a wonderful time on your trip. It has unending adventures, ranging from diving to horseback riding, day trips, and water cave views — you’ll have a great time between your productivity sessions.