Menorca vs Mallorca – Which is better for Family Getaways

Are you dreaming of a family getaway in the Balearic Islands but can’t decide between Menorca or Mallorca? Both islands can offer an incredible beach holiday experience, enjoying warm and sunny days for over 200 days a year. They also have many stunning beaches, including those safe for families with kids. Each island also has attractions and activities designed for families.

Since they have many similarities, deciding which island to visit can be challenging. To help you with this, read on to find out which island is better for family getaways.

Menorca vs Mallorca: The Differences

The size is the main difference between Menorca and Mallorca, with Menorca being smaller than Mallorca. In fact, Mallorca’s capital city – Palma, has four times as many residents as the entire island of Menorca. Because of its massive size, Mallorca has become more popular than its smaller counterpart.

Menorca, in contrast to Mallorca, offers a serene and laid-back atmosphere due to its lesser popularity. Despite its small size, the island’s beaches remain pleasantly uncrowded, making it a notable feature for visitors.

In Minorca, you’ll discover numerous secluded beaches where you can relish peace and quiet.

Mallorca’s beaches, on the other hand, are vibrant and popular among the rich and famous, who frequent its seaside bars and clubs for socialising and partying. So, if you like a busy atmosphere with lots of people, Mallorca is the place to go.

Mallorca has more beaches than Minorque, boasting a coastline of over 500 kilometres. The island has over 200 beaches, including the picture-perfect coves of Cala Mondragó and Es Trenc. Many beaches have facilities and entertainment amenities, including water sports rental facilities.

On the other hand, Menorca’s beaches are calmer, with crystal-clear waters and sea caves, perfect for diving and snorkelling. You will find water sports facilities on some beaches, such as Cala Galdana.

Pros of Visiting Menorca 

Although small in size, Menorca is a popular beach holiday destination for families for many reasons. It has many beautiful beaches, fantastic trails for avid hikers, and picturesque port towns you can explore on foot. If you need more reasons to choose Menorca on your next holiday, check out the pros of visiting this island:

  • Nature lover’s paradise – designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Menorca is committed to protecting its natural landscapes, making it a fascinating place for families who are nature lovers. Visit Albufera des Grau Nature Park and hike its nature trails, taking you to pretty villages and a famous lighthouse.
  • Fascinating archaeology – as you explore the island, you’ll likely come across some fascinating archaeological sites, such as the Torre d’en Galmes in Alaior, one of the best examples of Talayotic architecture.
  • Laidback atmosphere – being a small island, Menorca enjoys a laidback and friendly atmosphere, making it suitable for families looking to enjoy a relaxing beach getaway.
  • Low-key nightlife – the nightlife scene in Menorca is more low-key. It doesn’t have the noisy bars and nightclubs that the more popular Balearic Islands have.

Cons of Visiting Menorca 

Menorca and Mallorca are incredible destinations, so comparing them can be tricky. But here are some of the downsides of visiting Menorca:

  • Small – Menorca is small in size, so your options for family-friendly beaches are limited. Unlike Mallorca, which has over 200 beaches, you only have a few choices in Menorca. Because of this, many visitors would come here only for a day trip.
  • Less dining options – being a small island, Menorca does not have plenty of dining options, unlike Mallorca. Most restaurants are in the resort town of Mahon. Nevertheless, you can expect to enjoy delectable local food featuring a unique blend of Mediterranean flavours and culinary techniques.
  • Language barrier – being a less touristy island, many locals in Menorca do not speak English, which can be a challenge if you don’t speak Spanish. But despite the language barrier, the locals are friendly and welcoming to families.
  • Few services for water activities – Menorca may not be an ideal destination for an adventure-filled holiday since it only has a few water sports amenities. However, you will find many beaches with calm and crystal-clear waters, perfect for kayaking.

Pros of Visiting Mallorca 

Mallorca is a fantastic destination for a holiday with the family, as it offers everything you could expect from a fun-filled getaway. Here are the advantages of choosing Mallorca for your next beach getaway with the family:

  • Great accommodations – Mallorca, a popular tourist location, has some of the best accommodations in Spain. You’ll discover a variety of excellent places to stay on Mallorca Island, including family-friendly hotels that cater to the needs of families who opt for Mallorca as their destination.
  • More Beaches – as the largest of the Balearic Islands, boasting a coastline of 550 kilometres and over 200 beaches, Mallorca offers endless options for fun days at the beach.
  • Endless options for water sports – families with active kids will find Mallorca a better option since it offers numerous choices for water activities. Whatever sport your child is into, you’ll sure find it on Mallorca.
  • Lively – Mallorca’s fun atmosphere will make your family holiday more enjoyable. Palma, the capital city, is charming and vibrant. Aside from its fantastic museums and galleries, it has many impressive bars and restaurants.

Cons of Visiting Mallorca

While Mallorca offers everything you expect from a fun-filled holiday, it also has its share of downsides. Here are some of them:

  • Busier and more crowded – Since Mallorca’s beaches are more equipped with facilities and entertainment amenities, they are more crowded than the ones in Menorca.
  • Touristy – Mallorca may not be the best choice for families looking for a more authentic holiday experience. Resorts and beach bars with loud music and customers have taken up some of the oceanfront. If you prefer a more laidback and authentic vibe, choose Menorca.
  • Hotels can get booked during peak season – since Mallorca is a popular tourist destination visited by millions of tourists annually, its hotels and resorts can get booked during peak season, so plan your family getaway early.