Menorca’s best beaches

Out of the Balearics, Minorca is the least traveled – and most unspoilt – of the islands. It’s not a huge mecca for parties and wild times, but what it does offer are unbelievable beaches coupled with a quiet that’s unparalleled. When you’re looking for the best unspoilt beaches in Minorque, take a look at our list of 5 favorites first.

Cala Macarelleta

It’s a petite beach, by most standards, but it’s hemmed in by pine trees, cliffs and the sea. It’s one of those beaches that most people call to mind when they think of a sunbather’s holiday. You’ve probably seen a few images of Macarelletta’s wilderness when you were looking into Menorca as a holiday destination – and it’s with good reason.

You can always go to the next-door beach which is usually filled with visitors (Cala Macarella, a similar name) for all of the amenities. You’ll miss out on the cliff views and the peace or tranquility that this small beach has to offer. Have we mentioned you can reach it by boat, too?


Son Saura

This is a hidden cove with shallow water and space for picnics. You can invite the whole family or feel free to add friends for a meet up – because the spaciousness allows you to get everyone together. The lifeguards and toilets help with the sense of security, despite the isolation, of this beach.

The two wilderness beaches that make up Son Saura (including the rocky point) create the largest cove that Menorca has. It’s a perfect place for families with walk-able children, because the closest car park is 10 minutes away. And the walk to the beach, unlike several others in Menorca, doesn’t involve intensive hiking or a boat access.

son saura beach

Playa de Cavalleria

A great beach to reach by car, Playa de Cavalleria is famous for its red sands and sand dunes. You can find it by following the staircase from the car park. Be aware that there are a lot of rocky surfaces and that you’ll need to take anything you need (water, shade, food) in with you if you’re planning on spending some time there.

You also should check out any weather warnings for the north of Menorca, since winds can be a bit strong. On the plus side, you’ll get to explore a wild beach without many people – and the snorkeling is divine.

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Playa de Binigaus

Playa de Binigaus is another great beach that’s just a 10-minute walk away from parking. It’s very close to Santo Tomás. This is the kind of beach you want to enjoy for a full day, rather than just an hour or two.

If you get bored, you can always take the short walk to the town for the beach bar or restaurant, though with the privacy the end of the beach under the rocky cliffs affords, you’ll probably just wind up enjoying your time relaxing. Don’t miss out on taking a stroll along the sandy stretch of the beach – it’s as untouched as they come.


Cala Mitjana

Both paths to Cala Mitjana take around 25-30 minutes (one from the parking above Galdana beach, the other is in the city) – but it’s so worth the trek. You’ll discover an unbelievable beach. It’s worth the effort to get there, but if you’re going in high season you might want to trek a little further and check out Cala Mitjaneta.

It’s smaller, but it’s also more picturesque and personalized if you’re needing some space away from the crowds.


Es Grau

Of course Es Grau is kind of famous within Menorca as a popular beach, but that doesn’t mean you should give it a miss. It’s bordering on the national park, Parque Natural de s’Albufera des Grau. If you’re a wildlife fan, this is your place to visit on your holiday.

The plus is that if you’re with someone who isn’t that into nature, they still have to walk with you through the park to reach the beach. You can witness lots of birds and other native animals in natural habitats and then sunbathe. When you’re finished with your day (snorkeling is pretty great here), you can always pop by the village of Es Grau for local culture.

menorca es grau beach