An Escape to the Easternmost Balearic Island and Leaving America Behind

Do you want to go on the vacation of your life? Are you looking for a sweet escape? Then, you need to head over to the easternmost Balearic Island and leave America behind. If you are tired of your job and stressful life, you need to book a ticket to a place where you can truly relax. The Balearic Islands experience a Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny summers and mild winters. Besides, it does not rain on the islands as much other tropical islands. Thus, you get to take in the sun and allow yourself to unwind. With winds blowing from France, the easternmost Balearic Island is perfectly windy. The sea breeze makes it the perfect place to walk around.

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The easternmost Balearic Island is called Menorca. The island has quaint cafes and acres of trees. It is truly the epitome of a sun-bleached town that is covered with pine trees and hills. Since many tourists tend to skip Minorca for other islands such as Ibiza, there are only a few tourists that venture to Minorque. This makes it the ideal to get away from the frenzy. You get to experience natural beauty and silence. There are no background hums of conversation that you need to worry about. No traffic, faraway radio, or even a bicycle bell. It is the utter silence of this magnificent island that makes it a paradise for many seeking to escape. The only sounds that you would hear are those of birds flying by and chirping under the sun.

Untouched Beauty

Tourists have wreaked havoc to Ibiza and even Mallorca. However, Menorca is an island that not only offers the quiet life, but also untouched beauty. The coastline of the island is spectacular and the perfect place to spend your summer. When you visit to Menorca, you see yourself slowing down from the moment you step foot on the island. The pace is slow and unhurried. During the Siesta time, the town center comes to a halt. In the nineties, the island was declared to be a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This helped protect it from the many evils of tourism that scarred Mallorca and Ibiza. All you need to do is drink some of the local wine to adjust to the unfussy mindset that dominates the island.

Island of Artisans

Every local on the island is an artisan and has a strong sense of the land. There are many painters, cobblers, and dairy farmers that have learned their craft from their grandparents. All of the resources on the island are utilized by the locals to make woven palm baskets, cheese, wine, and olive oil. Smell the taste of sun-drenched products.

Freshest Food

Only the freshest food is eaten on the island. Freshly-caught fish is a staple. Buy food from local farms for the ultimate experience or just spend a day at any of the local farms to watch how locals spend their time. Moreover, there are plenty of amazing Spanish restaurants that will keep your culinary cravings satisfied. The agricultural rhythm of the island is unparalleled.

Alternative to Modern Living

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it is the fact that modern living can be extremely stressful. It is not good for one’s mental health and that is why it is crucial to experience an alternative to modern living from time to time. Menorca abhors modern living. Thus, when you visit the island, you will feel a strong sense of individuality. The smells and flavors of the island will let you escape to a completely new world.

Mysterious Haven

Menorca is often called a mysterious haven. It is the ideal place for a quiet holiday. You will be surrounded by the wonderful sea, peace, tranquility, and silence. There are about 80 beaches and bays on the island. Most of them tend to be untouched. The typical Mediterranean trees fill the island. The absence of mass tourism allows the island to maintain its natural beauty. Menorca will enchant you and make you forget about all your worries. The endless turquoise waters that surround the island are simply breathtaking. Moreover, the unique architecture of the island is something that will truly surprise you. Do not forget to sample some of the handmade products such as the sandals and Menorca Gin.

History & Culture

Although Menorca might seem like a quiet place, but it has a ton of history and culture that will keep you satisfied. Check out the many archaeological sites to learn more about the island and its history.


Offering the perfect blend between wilderness and happy locals, Menorca is just the place you need to head to. Writing this article from New Orleans hotel and I flew directly to the island for the best time of my life.