Driving in Menorca Gives You the Freedom to Relax

The small and exquisite island of Menorca might seem too small to need a car to get around. But driving in Menorca gives you the freedom to relax, and here’s why:

Getting around Menorca without a Car

Menorca has options other than renting a car. The public transport (no trains, just buses) is regular, but your connections might be limited. They also don’t reach some of the most beautiful corners of the island.

Taxis are another option, and many are reasonably priced. But the costs do add up, especially considering the fees might change driving from town to town. And of course avid cyclists or hikers don’t have problems with transport.

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Getting around Menorca with a Car

Driving in Menorca is a lot less stressful than most tourist locations, with many of the road signs in English or clearly marked. You can also reach those unspoiled beaches Menorca’s so famous for easily, usually with just a short walk from nearby car parks.

If the weather isn’t ideal on one side of the island, you can simply drive to the other side. We do recommend you book ahead. Rent a car with Holiday Autos is a good choice.

A Few Tips for Driving in Menorca

We have just a few last tips for you to help you navigate and discover Menorca by car:

  • Book early, because high season makes hiring a car next to impossible
  • Read the fine print of any rental agreement, in particular the fuel policies for pick up and return
  • There are few petrol stations, so if you’re planning a long day driving gas up

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Those are our reasons why driving in Menorca gives you the freedom to relax! What about you? Have you ever driven in Menorca? Any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!