Which historical site of Menorca would you like to discover?

Minorca has a shocking amount of historical sites for such a small island, but it’s because of its varied and complex history.

From ancient history to Arabian, English, French and Spanish rule, history buffs can find several fascinating places to see.


Fort Marlborough

at the mouth of the Mahón Harbor offers military historians the chance to catch a glimpse of soldierly life in the 1700s.

King Island Hospital

is in the Mahón Port and was built in the 18th century by the English. It later housed yellow fever patients and French soldiers. There are nearby ruins of a basilica dating from the 6th century.

The Museum of Menorca

was formerly a 17th-century Franciscan convent and now houses archaeology artifacts from the island; maps; and paintings.

history of Menorca


The Basilica Cathedral of Ciutadella de Menorca

is a unique Gothic cathedral with 1 nave and 6 chapels, built from 1300-1362.

Pintor Torrent House

focuses on the painter J. R. Torrent (called the ‘Menorcan Van Gogh’). It showcases his drawings, paintings and personal items.

Menorca cathedral

Toro Mountain

Monte Toro Sanctuary

is a lovely place to explore while you’re visiting the top of Toro Mountain and offers a breathtaking view.

Sant Lluis

Moli de Dalt de Sant Lluis

is the main windmill (there are 2 others) and it dates from 1760. It also has a small rural museum inside.



is an all-immersive Menorcan-historical experience, with demonstrations of rural and two different historical museums.

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