Here’s our choice of the six tastiest restaurants in Menorca

Menorca’s food and drink specialties are unique to the small island, and the easiest way to taste them is by sampling the best restaurants in Minorca.

The options are endless, from fresh cuisine to local favorites. Take a look at our choices of the delights you can find in the best restaurants in Minorque:

White’s Bar offers a little something for everyone, including breakfasts. They also have traditional house mains for dinner, plus daily specials, like a Sunday evening seafood platter with live jazz music. 

Sa Bodega is the place to find great wine with a snack of meat and cheese (‘ebutido’). It’s a good bar for wine newbies to taste test, wine snobs to enjoy the expertise and couples to enjoy a romantic moment. 

Jimmy Hills is a nice place for family dining, with a choice of an Australian-themed eatery, filled with down-under artifacts; a sports bar with snacks; and a kid’s indoor play area called ‘Jungle Jimmy’s.’ (Be sure to check if it’s open during off-season)

Fang i Aram is where you can find vegetarian food choices. They use fresh, organic products for their dishes and also offer vegan and gluten-free possibilities. It’s also a good alternative to the many Menorcan fish dishes. 

Café Balear is famous for its fresh seafood, and with good reason. They own and take out their own fishing boat to ensure the high quality of their fish dishes. Because of its popularity with locals and visitors, it’s best that you book a table. 

Smoix is an elegant, understated gourmet restaurant that prides itself on creative dishes that meld traditional Menorcan with creative twists. Great for fish and meat lovers alike with a good wine list.

And last but not least, we are happy to announce the imminent opening (April) of an interesting street food restaurant in the heart of the island, Mercadal: Urban Street Food . The place will resemble a busy food corner as the ones you might find in London or Madrid or  Rome, but its menu will surprise you with the traditional street food of all over the world.

You will taste India as well as China, Japan, Italy, Holland and France. Keep in touch!

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