Car Hire Es Migjorn Gran

A Guide to Car Hire Options in Es Migjorn Gran and Car Hire in Santo Tomas

Es Migjorn Gran, nestled in the southern part of Menorca, is a picturesque village that embodies the tranquil spirit of the island. For travelers looking to explore Menorca’s diverse landscapes, historical sites, and stunning beaches, Es Migjorn Gran offers a strategic starting point.

Hiring a car in Es Migjorn (where the closest beach is Santo Tomas) not only provides convenience but also opens up a world of exploration opportunities. Here’s what you need to know about car hire options in Es Migjorn Gran to make your trip truly unforgettable.

Auto Rent in Es Migjorn Gran

Why Hire a Car in Es Migjorn Gran?


The village’s proximity to major attractions and beautiful beaches like Santo Tomas and Binigaus Beach makes having a car a significant advantage.


With your own set of wheels, you can discover the island at your own pace without being tied to public transport schedules, which can be sparse in more remote areas. Whether it’s a spontaneous sunset chase or an extended day trip, a car gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary.

Comfort and Privacy

Traveling by car offers a level of comfort and privacy that public transportation can’t match, particularly in the hot summer months or when traveling with family or luggage.

Car Hire Options in Es Migjorn Gran

Being Es Migjorn Gran a very little village, there are no rental companies with a physical office there. However, you can find numerous international brands of car hire in Santo Tomas, like Europcar or Owners Cars. These companies generally offer a broad range of car models and are backed by international standards of service and reliability. Some car hire companies in the area offer convenient pickup and drop-off services, like Menorcarent. You can arrange to have your rental car delivered to your accommodation in Es Migjorn Gran or pick it up upon your arrival at the airport.

  1. Coches Menorca provides hassle-free car rental services in Menorca, offering a wide range of vehicles to explore the island’s scenic beauty. It has an Airport pick-up/drop-off service as well as a physical office in Mahón.


Coches Menorca


  1. Menorca Rent specializes in providing convenient and reliable car rental solutions on the island of Menorca, catering to both leisure and business travelers. This company offers (by adding a little fee to the final price of the renting) the possibility of picking-up/dropping-off at the Airport, at Mahon’s Harbour and also at Mahon’s Bus Station. Their office is located in the Industrial zone of Mahón.


Menorca Rent


  1. Autos Xoroi offers comprehensive car rental services in Menorca, focusing on customer satisfaction and ensuring a seamless rental experience for visitors. Their physical office is in Mahón, although pick-up/drop-off at the Airport and Port is also possible.


Autos Xoroi


  1. HIPER is a trusted car rental company offering competitive rates and quality vehicles in Menorca, committed to meeting the diverse needs of travelers with efficiency and professionalism. They have both offices in Mahón (with a minivan service to take you from the Airport to their office) and in Ciutadella’s Harbour.




  1. Rentalcars is a global online car rental platform connecting customers with a wide selection of rental options, including Menorca, facilitating convenient bookings and seamless travel experiences worldwide.




Tips for Hiring a Car in Es Migjorn or Santo Tomas

Advance Booking

To ensure availability and better rates, book your car rental in advance, especially during peak tourist season. This also gives you a wider selection of vehicles to choose from.


Make sure you understand what is covered under your rental agreement. Consider opting for comprehensive coverage to minimize your liability in case of an accident or theft.

Understand Local Driving Laws

Familiarize yourself with local driving regulations in Menorca. Note speed limits, parking rules, and any specific driving etiquettes to ensure a safe and hassle-free journey.

Making the Most of Your Car Rental in Es Migjorn Gran

Explore Local Routes

Es Migjorn Gran is surrounded by scenic rural landscapes. Use your vehicle to explore these charming backroads, stopping at local farmhouses and vineyards along the way.

Venture Further Afield

With a car, you’re well-equipped to visit Menorca’s key attractions like Monte Toro, the island’s highest point, or the historic town of Ciutadella. Each offers unique insights into the island’s culture and history.

Sustainable Travel

While enjoying the flexibility and convenience of a car, remember to respect the local environment. Stick to marked roads, use designated parking spaces, and never leave trash behind.

Renting a car in Es Migjorn Gran or Santo Tomas allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of Menorca. With careful planning and consideration, you can ensure your car hire experience is both enjoyable and respectful of the island’s pristine environment. Know that a personal vehicle is your key to unlocking all that Menorca has to offer.

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